Valentine’s Day Advice From Our Fave Sweethearts Nick And Vanessa Lachey

  • Vanessa and Nick’s Valentine’s Day cards

  • Nick and Vanessa’s Valentine’s Day cards

  • Vanessa and Nick’s Valentine’s Day cards

  • Vanessa and Nick’s Valentine’s Day cards

  • Nick and Vanessa

We here at VH1 are only about a month away from the day that we can officially call Nick Lachey our “co-worker.” We might even run into him on the elevator or catch a glimpse of him eating a turkey sandwich in the cafeteria! It’s all happening this March when Nick takes the host seat for the return of VH1’s Big Morning Buzz Live. While you need to wait a month until you can catch Nick in the morning, you can see his lovely wife Vanessa Lachey in primetime right now on Fox’s Dads. The adorable couple is a shining example of keeping up the romance even when you are insanely busy and this Valentine’s Day they’re helping the rest of us out!

The Lacheys teamed up with to co-design an exclusive line of Valentine’s Day cards and you can get them right now. Each of Nick and Vanessa’s four card designs show off their personalities and are customizable with your own messages. When discussing the holiday the couple said, “Valentine’s Day means many things to different people. One thing is for sure, everyone enjoys hearing ’I love you’. We express our affection for each other often with love and a touch of humor, especially on Valentine’s Day. Our new Treat cards help you express how you feel with a personal touch.”

Browse through their customizable cards in the gallery above and continue reading to see some of Nick and Vanessa’s ideas for a romantic Valentine’s Day date.

1. Hire a sitter and get all glammed up for a “date night” to a new and unexpected destination – like a midnight movie, exhibition at the local museum or a live theatre performance.

2. Cook breakfast together and enjoy it in bed.

3. Book a romantic getaway to watch the sunset, and then order room service and enjoy a movie. Be sure to place the ’Do Not Disturb’ sign on your door…and sleep in the next morning!

4. Indulge in a couples’ massage and relax together at the spa. Better yet, give each other a massage at home and fill your room with scented candles and use edible aromatherapy oils.

5. Listen to live music together, either jazz at a local spot, or an intimate concert at a nearby vineyard or restaurant.