Unrequited Valentine’s Day Love: Our 25 Favorite Forgotten Celebrity Crushes Of The ’90s

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Valentine’s Day is on the horizon, a holiday for reaching out to that special someone and letting ’em know you care. Obviously this has got us thinking about all of the long lost loves of our lives. No, not real people. We’re talking about our forgotten celeb crushes from the wild and lawless time known as the 90s, of course!

Just recently we caught an episode of Boy Meets World (the later era), and were reminded how smitten we used to be (and still kind of are) with the character Rachel McGuire (Shaun’s brother Jack’s girlfriend, OBVI), played by Maitland Ward. This opened up the floodgates, starting an huge conference with friends about the forgotten folks who set our hearts on fire a few decades back.

We laughed (because sometimes we were in love with cartoon animals), we cried (because it hit us that we’d never marry Kimberly, the pink Power Ranger), and we also came to the realization that our girlfriend will never love us as much as she loved Aladdin when she was 5. So in honor of this special day, we’ve decided to share our list of lost loves with the world. OK, we know a few of these might technically be from the late 80s and early 2000s (save your angry emails) but they’re still lumped in with our 90s dreamz, so we’ll include them anyway.

We’re wishing you a very happy Valentine’s Day from our middle-school selves!

[Photo: Disney/Amblin Entertainment/20th Century Fox/Virgin]

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