Ur-ine Trouble! The Most Embarrassing Celeb Peeing Scandals

  • jennifer lawrence josh hutcherson

  • harry styles

  • hugh jackman

  • mark wahlberg

  • emile hirsch

  • jaime pressly

  • fergie

  • gerard depardieu

  • justin bieber

  • Bronson Pelletier

Stars are just like us! They have bladders, too! And sometimes, they drink too much water (or too much booze) and have to let the golden showers flow. The only trouble is sometimes they can’t find their way to a luxurious lavatory in time. In honor of all the famous folks who have decided to take their bladder control problems public, we’re ranking the most embarrassing celeb peeing scandals.

Not all celebrities relieve themselves in the privacy of a bathroom. It seems that more than one celebrity has been caught peeing in the bushes.¬†One Direction’s cheeky heartthrob Harry Styles was snapped peeing on Sir Mix-A-Lot’s bushes in November, but the image only made it onto twitter this week.

Then, you’ve got performance-related peeing disasters. Both Hugh Jackman and Fergie have had the unfortunate distinction of pissing their pants while the spotlight was on them.

Justin Bieber has misbehaved in all sorts of ways over the past year and he’s been caught peeing in public twice in the past year! Once he relieved himself in a bucket and just this month he signed his name in the snow with his urine.

However, some celebrity peeing scandals aren’t just embarrassing or scandalous; they’re illegal!¬†Legendary French film star Gerard Depardieu once made international headlines for pissing on an air plane.

Sure, we all have to pee; these famous faces just happened to do it in front of everyone!

[Photo Credit: Getty Images & Twitter]