Super Bowl Sunday: Here Are 25 NFL Cheerleaders We Want On Our Fantasy Team!

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Much attention has been paid to the players on the Denver Broncos and the Seattle Seahawks competing in Super Bowl XLVIII today. In fact, we’ve even shone the spotlight on their wives and girlfriends! But there’s one hardworking group that has gone tragically under-celebrated this Super Bowl season so far: The cheerleaders! So now on the day of The Big Game we’d like to right that very serious wrong and look at the hottest women of the NFL!

That’s right, no matter who scores the most touchdowns today, the real winners will be these gorgeous ladies on the sidelines offering much needed moral support to the dudes on the field (as well as pumping up the folks in the crowd). They train for months to learn their steps and bulk up so they can do crazy stuff like throw each other around and bound across the astroturf like acrobats. For real, they can do some pretty amazing things….and they’re amazingly pretty. And now they’re about to go away until the season starts up next fall! At least there’s basketball, we guess.

In honor of their big day, we’ve decided to share our draft picks for our cheerleader fantasy team. Head up to the gallery above for more hotness!

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