The Good, The Bad & Gravity: Sandra Bullock’s Movies Ranked

Sandra Bullock has had a varied and extended career filled with several highs. Most recently, she took 2013 by storm with her powerful, Oscar-nominated performance in Gravity. However, her career has also been litered with several lows, including her Razzie-winning role in All About Steve and those needless sequels to Miss Congeniality and Speed. Here at VH1, we took it upon ourselves to go back and re-watch, review and rank her 30+ films. That’s right everything from Forces of Nature to Two Weeks Notice finds its place among Bullock’s best films listed from worst to best.

31. Speed 2: Cruise Control

It’s like Speed but on a boat and minus Keanu Reeves. Here’s the thing: no one really asked for it. The idea may have sounded great but honestly, it was, like, maybe don’t.
Rotten Tomatoes Score: 3%
Box Office: $164 million

30. All About Steve

Released in the same year as The Blinde Side and The Proposal, AAS was the universally-panned dark spot in Bullock’s big year. The film was a disastrous Rom-com about a ditzy blonde who had fallen head over heels for Bradley Cooper. Luckily no careers were hurt in the making of this film.

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