Sarah Hyland’s Dream Vampire Academy Fan Fic Is X-Rated

If you do not read fan fiction, know this: you are missing out on a magical world where your favorite characters can do whatever weird thing in the world you want them to. Vampire AcademyRichelle Mead’s awesomely dark take on teens with fangs – has inspired tons of cool n’ creative writing on the web, with characters exploring all sorts of worlds – from being runaways to Amish. Yes, Amish.

At the premiere of the Vampire Academy movie last night we asked star Sarah Hyland (who is hilarious in the film) what she’d want to see the film’s characters do in fan fic’d universe. Her answer is wonderfully X-rated and a little slash-y. Watch above for her description – who wants to take a stab at writing it up?

Vampire Academy opens February 7.

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