Love Fades, Ink Doesn’t: 30 Celebrities With Tattoos Of Their Exes

  • Johnn Depp

  • Angelina-Jolie

  • Eva-Longoria

  • Denise-Richards

  • Charlie-Sheen

  • Marc-Anthony

  • Kat-Von-D

  • Kathy-Griffin

  • Christina-Aguilera

  • Rihanna-and-Chris-Brown

  • Levi-Johnston

  • Katy-Perry-and-Russell-Bran

  • Britney-Spears-and-Kevin-Fe

  • Tom-Arnold

  • Miley-Cyrus-and-Liam-Hemswo

  • Heather-Locklear

  • Jude-Law

  • Adrienne-Bailon-and–Rob-Ka

  • Heidi-Klum

  • Chad-Ochocinco

  • Nas

  • Paris-Hilton-and-Nick-Carte

  • Mel-B

  • Halle-Berry

  • Pamela-Anderson-and-Tommy-L

  • Alex-Pettyfer

  • Lily-Collins-and-Jamie-Camp

  • Carmen-Electra-and-Dave-Nav

  • Colin-Farrell

  • Drew-Barrymore

As the poet once said, love makes us do foolish things. And as another (very different) poet once said, love stinks. When you put those two universal truths together, accidents can happen…such as permanently marking you body with the name of your romantic partner. Sure, it’s an undeniably sweet gesture (and there are definitely worse tattoos you could get), but what happens if things go south with your one-and-only? What if one day down the road your sweetheart decides to play hackey-sack with your heart and kick your butt to the curb? This could lead to problems. Just ask these unfortunate celebs!

Not only could it trigger bad memories every time you look down at your wrist and glimpse your ex’s name, it could also be pretty awkward for any new potential relationship. That’s why removing or altering the body art is sometimes the way to go. After Johnny Depp’s relationship with Winona Ryder went sour, he changed his famous “Winona Forever” tattoo to read “Wino Forever.” Ehh, doesn’t have quite the same ring to it. Angelina Jolie removed her tattoo dedicated to Billy Bob Thornton all together, before replacing it with the coordinates of her adopted children’s birthplaces. And then there are a few stars who just decided to save money on the lazer treatments and just let it be. Head up to the gallery above for more famous folks whose tattoos lasted longer than their relationships!

[Photo: Getty Images/Vogue]

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