First Dibs: Why Is Olympian Ashley Wagner Not Impressed?

Why is Amy Adams appalled at Valentino? Is The O.C.’s Ben McKenzie moving to Gotham? Is Matt Damon going to become a director like his pals George Clooney and Ben Affleck?

  • Summer Olympian McKayla Maroney has some serious competition for “Best Olympic Meme.” U.S. figure skater Ashley Wagner made a hilariously disgusted face in Sochi yesterday when she discovered that her scores for her Team Figuring Skating Short Program were less than she had expected they would be. She explained, “’I know roughly when I skate a good program where the score should end up… So yeah to score that low was very disappointing for me.” [Daily Mail]
  • Amy Adams is appalled that Valentino used a photo of her carrying their hand bag to Philip Seymour Hoffman’s funeral to promote their line. Valentino’s spokesperson Mona Swanson called it an “innocent mistake,” and she will apparently keep her job. [Page Six]
  • Ben McKenzie started out on The O.C., then moved on to Southland and it looks like his next address will be Gotham City. The actor will be playing Detective Jim Gordon (aka young Commissioner Gordon) in FOX’s new Batman prequel series, Gotham. []
  • Matt Damon is looking into following in buddies Ben Affleck’s and George Clooney’s footsteps and taking the director’s chair. “I think the way in for someone like me or George or Ben is to play a role because they get you at a discount,” said Damon. [MTV News]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]