Grinding On That Wood: From Beyonce To Blue Crush, The Most Iconic Surfboards In Pop Culture

  • Gidget Surfboard

  • Elvis Presley In Blue Hawaii

  • Beach Party Annette Funicello

  • Surfaris

  • Beach Boys

  • The Flintstones Surfin Fred

  • Apocalypse Now Surfing

  • Fast Times At Ridgemont High

  • Baywatch Surfboard

  • Luke Perry Dylan McKay 90210

  • Point Break Surfboard

  • Kelly Slater

  • First Annual Teen Choice Awards Nsync Surfboard

  • The Simpsons The Great Money Caper

  • Blue Crush Surfing

  • Charlie’s Angels Full Throttle Surfboard

  • The OC Volchock Surfing

  • The Silver Surfer

  • One Direction Kiss You Surfboard

  • Beyonce Surfboard

The surfboard is, obviously, the thing you go surfing on. But pop culture has rendered it so much more than that. From the beach movies of the 60s with their barely believable studio beach sets to the surf culture bands and songs that went along with them, the surfboard is just as ubiquitous in pop culture as it is out on the break. Pop culture has taken the surfboard everywhere, too: from its humble Californian beginnings to the Stone Age to the Vietnam War and even into the fantasy world of Marvel Comics.

Now, with Beyoncé’s “Drunk In Love” charging the charts and BeyHivers everywhere getting about chanting “Surfbort, surfboard”, it seems only right that we pay homage to the surfboard as it appeared in pop culture. Forget the illuminati; pop culture, for the last 60 odd years, has embraced the surf cult. From actually riding waves to robbing banks and winning awards, the surfboard has aided in some of pop cultures most iconic moments.