What Are The Worst Dates In Our Favorite Films?

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It’s almost Valentine’s Day! As you shore up your plans for tomorrow night’s outings, we’re sure you’re expecting an evening full of romance — or at least a nice dinner and some drinks. But as the movies have shown us, dates can go awry pretty quickly. What are some of the most uncomfortable romantic outings captured on film?

Whether you’re dodging murder, battling the onslaught of sudden health issues, or you’ve just plain run afoul of some seriously unhinged people, you’d better hope your dates don’t wind up nearly as disastrous as the ones on our list. Even if you just wind up having an awkward night on the town, you’ll be lucky if you avoid the pitfalls found in our entries!

Browse our gallery to see our rankings of some the worst dates imaginable. And just hope and pray that your night doesn’t shake out the same way!

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