The Sexiest Channing Tatum Moments That Will Make Your Panties Drop

Don't fight it.

We all know Channing Tatum is a god even when he isn’t trying to be sexy. Don’t get us wrong, watching him when he actually is trying to be sexy is just as fun. Who are we kidding? It’s the biggest thrill of your life. Let’s see why.

  • His Magic Mike dance to Ginuwine’s “Pony” isn’t human.

    Embedded from www.youtube.com.

    Is it?

  • His thrusts per second in the “It’s Raining Men” number.


    Which breaks every history record of mankind.

  • His moves in Step Up allow you to share an intimate moment.

    Embedded from www.youtube.com.

    …with his eyes.

  • Embedded from www.youtube.com.

    Are you pregnant yet?

  • When he played a sexy soccer player in She’s the Man.


    Causing us to lose count of his abs.

  • When he stripped IRL.

    Embedded from www.youtube.com.

    Pretty sure you’re sweating right now.

  • When he wore nothing but a towel in Coach Carter.


    He won this movie.

  • Ripping his shirt off on SNL.


    In what was the best opening monologue of all time, ever.

And all of these glorious gifs for the road:


Last but not least…


You’re welcome.

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