Last Lap: Who’s Martha Stewart’s Celebrity Crush?

Kelly Osbourne will be swimming with the sharks, Sarah Jessica Parker flexes her editing chops, and the director of the Divergent sequel

  • First of all, who knew Martha Stewart even had a celebrity crush? But our favorite queen of domesticity says that if she had to pick a Hollywood hottie, she’s going with Christian Bale. [Huffington Post]
  • Kelly Osbourne is set to appear in the sequel to Syfy’s bizarre hit, Sharknado. The reality star will be playing a flight attendant in the made-for-TV film, which starts shooting next week. With all this insane winter weather in much of the country, we wouldn’t be surprised if a sharknado actually hit! [Perez Hilton]
  • Sarah Jessica Parker is taking a page from Carrie Bradshaw’s book and taking on an editoral role. SJP will be a guest editor for Nordstrom’s blog, just before the retailer begins selling her shoe collection. [E!]
  • Insurgent, the second film in the Divergent trilogy, could end up being more action-packed than the first film. Find out what the new director of the series has planned. [MTV News]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]