Presidents Day: Hot Pop Culture Moments in Presidential History

  • Clinton Plays the Sax

  • Bush Meets the Lakers

  • Marilyn Monroe Sings for JFK

  • Obama Brushes the Dirt Off His Shoulder

  • Nixon Meets Elvis

  • Dubya Throws the First Pitch

  • FDR Takes Over Radio

  • Bush Sr. Hangs With Dana Carvey

  • Carter Does Playboy

  • Lyndon B. Johnson Busts a Move

  • Clinton Rocks Briefs

  • Reagan Rewards the King of Pop

  • Andrew Jackson Throws a Rager

  • Ford Meets Chevy Chase

  • Obama Calls Out Kanye

It’s Presidents Day and while the traditional move might be to celebrate a commander-in-chief’s political plays in the Oval Office, we can’t help but be smitten by their pop culture power moves throughout history. With each passing POTUS, being in touch with the youth, technology, and everything else the entertainment-obsessed citizens of their nation are watching and listening to has become increasingly important. Ronald Reagan always gets cool points for bringing Michael Jackson to the White House. Some say Bill Clinton pulled off his first election victory by playing sax on The Arsenio Hall Show. And who can forget Barack Obama brushing that dirt off his shoulder like the Jay Z song? Check out the rest of the gallery for a full rundown of the greatest pop culture moments in presidential history.