Claire Underwood’s Most Vicious Quotes From House Of Cards

On Friday, Netflix released the much-anticipated second season of House of Cards. The show, which was a surprise hit of last spring, won fans over thanks to the superb acting by Kevin Spacey (as Frank Underwood) and his onscreen wife Robin Wright (as Claire Underwood). While Frank is at the center of the show’s Shakespearean tale of power and greed, it’s Claire who steals the spotlight as a modern day Lady Macbeth. Her character, while maintaining a beautifully icy presence, knows how to destroy her enemies and slice to the core of someone’s emotions. “You don’t want to make an enemy out of me,” Claire threatens in season 2. No, no we do not.

For fans who made use of the long weekend to watch season 2 will enjoy some of Claire’s most vicious one-liners. Meanwhile, the rest will want to make haste to watch the show. We promise: No spoilers. Just tons of devilish temptation.