The Complete Guide To Becoming A Child Star Trainwreck

  • Earn an Exorbitant Amount of Money

  • Grow Up

  • Surround Yourself With Bad Influences

  • Get Arrested

  • Get Into a Toxic Relationship

  • Lose Your Looks

  • Go To Rehab

  • Spend All of Your Money

  • Do Whatever You Can to Stay Relevant

Some child stars turn out great; many of them don’t. It’s a well-known trope in show business. If you become wildly famous and successful at an early age, the chances of failure as an adult increase dramatically, probably due to that whole “formative years” thing being completely screwed up thanks to the consistently outrageous dynamics of Hollywood. Right now, we’re seeing signs of trouble from Justin Bieber, who’s been arrested for DUI, had his house raided, been at war with his neighbors, and developed an affinity for shirtlessness and marijuana.

We’ll give Biebz the benefit of the doubt, though. What teenager doesn’t wild out at some point? The mega-famous pop star has enough talent to work his way  past these issues, but if he’s not careful, he might wind up on the wrong side of the tracks, and getting there isn’t that difficult. To see what we mean, check out The Complete Guide To Becoming A Child Star Trainwreck.