First Dibs: Are Jennifer Lawrence’s Boobs Stuck In The 1970s?

Is Jennifer Lopez switching from movies to television? Is Jake Gyllenhaal hooking up with an ex-girlfriend? Did Kate Mara learn she got the part of Sue Storm in Fantastic Four on twitter?

  • Jennifer Lawrence is embracing ’70s cleavage once more. The starlet can be seen wearing a very low-cut disco-era dress in new stills from X-Men: Days Of Future Past. [Daily Mail]
  • Jennifer Lopez and Ryan Seacrest are producing a 13-episode FBI drama called Shades Of Blue for NBC. Lopez will star as Harlee McCord, a single mom and detective who is asked to work undercover for the FBI. [Deadline]
  • Jake Gyllenhaal isn’t a single man anymore. The star has reunited with his ex-girlfriend, Alyssa Miller. [US Magazine]
  • As of Thursday, House of Cards actress Kate Mara still hadn’t been told officially whether or not she was playing Sue Storm in Fantastic Four. The actress only learned she had won the part from scrolling through twitter! [MTV News]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]