First Dibs: Is Snooki Pregnant Again?

Has the last “Von Trapp Family Singer” from The Sound of Music passed away? What is Jessica Chastain’s Instagram handle? And SPOILER ALERT! What did Kate Mara think about “THAT SCENE” on House of Cards?

  • Snooki might be pregnant again. The Jersey Shore star is reportedly expecting her second child with Jionni LaValle, but is keeping it quiet so she can make a few more “lucrative personal appearances.” [Page Six]
  • Maria Franziska Von Trapp has passed away at the age of 99. Von Trapp was the last remaining living member of the Von Trapp family, whose story inspired The Sound of Music. [People]
  • Jessica Chastain has joined Instagram under the handle @chastainiac. Don’t expect any salacious bikini pics from the classy actress, though. So far, there’s only a blurry photo of her at the Art Gallery of Ontario. [Complex]
  • SPOILER ALERT! (You’ve been warned!) Kate Mara wasn’t surprised by Zoe Barnes’s fate on House of Cards because David Fincher told her about it before her audition! [MTV News]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]