Last Lap: The Tanning Of America Shows Us How Hip-Hop Culture Took Over

Russell Crowe wants a certain person to see his next film, Amanda Bynes won’t see the inside of a jail cell, and Godzilla graces a magazine cover.

  • VH1 is debuting our latest Rock Doc, The Tanning Of America, tonight at 11/10C. The four-part series explores hip-hop’s influence on music, film, fashion, and ultimately, politics. Check out the clip above to get a taste of how hip-hop took over the world! And remember to join us at 11/10C to watch the first part of The Tanning Of America, only on VH1.
  • If you’re planning to see Darren Aronofsky’s Noah, don’t be surprised if you see Pope Francis at the theater. Russell Crowe, the film’s star, has tweeted at the pontiff, hoping His Holiness will take time to see the flick based on the epic biblical tale. Ok, we know that the pope would only see the film at a personal screening, but why not get him to the multiplex? He’s a man of the people! [Huffington Post]
  • Amanda Bynes will be able to dodge jail time in a DUI case. The actress, who was treated for mental illness late last year, pleaded to lesser charges and was put on three years of probation. [People]
  • With Godzilla returning to the big screen, we’re getting a look at how the famed monster will look in the latest reboot. Check out the cover of Empire magazine for a glimpse. [MTV News]

[Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures]