Keri Russell Is Haunted By A Hilarious Felicity Wig On The Set Of The Americans

We’ve all heard of on-set rituals, but this one may take the cake. We allllll remember when Keri Russell infamously chopped her curly locks into close-cropped pixie style while on the classic ’90s series, Felicity. It’s been more than a decade, but the hair ’do has followed her even onto the set of The Americans!

Apparently it’s become the tradition for every cast and crew member to put it on and pose for a picture. The snaps are all hung on an improvised “Wall Of Shame,” decorated with the best and the worst of the wig. So, who wore it best? And more importantly, who wore it worst? Noah Emmerich thinks he has a shot at being the worst, but then again, so does Holly Taylor, whose head was pretty much swallowed by the wig.

Some other the stars featured on this wall are Matthew Rhys,  Susan Misner, and (naturally) Keri herself. Check out the clip above for more!