Last Lap: What Advice Do Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Models Have For Their Fans?

Jason Biggs goes public about his son’s privates, Alec Baldwin may be putting the brakes on his plan to leave the media glare, and the sequel to Sin City could have a slicker look than the original.

  • Models from the 2014 Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition brought their beauty to our offices, and naturally we could barely turn away from their stunning good looks. And it seems like they can’t their eyes off each other either, because they’re totally into taking selfies! So how do the professionals capture the best seflies? Watch the video above and learn how it’s really done!
  • If there’s anything Jason Biggs’ infant son has learned since he’s been in the world, it’s that his dad is the biggest over-sharer online. The American Pie actor and his wife posted photos from their son’s circumcision ceremony. Instead of learning the ABCs, it sounds like this kid is getting a crash course in the TMIs. [E!]
  • Alec Baldwin claims the media makes him want to leave the spotlight, but it looks like he’s set for a role on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit — as a reporter. Hmm, the universe works in mysterious and hilarious ways! [Perez Hilton]
  • The sharp contrast in Sin City’s cinematography is part of the reason the film became a cult classic. And with the sequel set to hit theaters this upcoming summer, director Robert Rodriguez is upping the ante. [MTV News]