Last Lap: Who’s Set To Guest Star On Parks And Recreation’s Season Finale?

The Americans fuels its stars need for nostalgia, Sarah Jessica Parker deflects negative vibes, and we find out that Jennifer Lawrence could easily play Snooki in a Jersey Shore movie.

  • Michelle Obama is reportedly taking her charm to Parks And Recreation for the show’s season finale. How do we think Leslie Knope will fare alongside the first lady? [Splitsider]
  • We know you watched (or at least DVR’d) last night’s premiere of The Americans’ second season. So now that you’re in full ’80s mode, check out the show’s star, Matthew Rhys, recite the intro from his favorite TV series of the decade, The A-Team.
  • Ever wonder how Sarah Jessica Parker stays so positive? The former Sex And The City star revealed that she doesn’t Google herself and stumble across negativity from her haters. We’re glad SJP knows better than to give in to the folks who are trying to keep her down! [E!]
  • The gods of Oscars past have unearthed an amazing Throwback Thursday video. Watch Jennifer Lawrence rave about Jersey Shore back in 2011 — and fall in love with the actress’ Snooki impression. [MTV News]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]