What Are Some Truly Forgettable Films From 2014’s Oscar Nominees?

  • Jennifer Lawrence

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  • Jonah Hill

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  • Meryl Streep

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  • Bradley Cooper

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  • Amy Adams

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  • Chiwetel Ejiofor

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  • Matthew McConaughey

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The talented stars rounding out this year’s contenders for the Academy’s acting categories have undoubtedly blown us away with their powerful roles. With such a strong crop of celebs vying for Oscar statues, it’s almost hard to believe that any of them have any film credits that don’t quite live up to what they’ve recently delivered to audiences.

But alas, plenty of 2014’s acting nominees have cringeworthy roles under their belts. So what are some of the worst flicks from this year’s hopefuls?

We looked through ratings on critical reception of films starring 10 of this year’s nominees, and picked out the flicks that fell short.

Meryl Streep almost can do no wrong, but an overtly preachy film from the aughts failed to wow critics. One of Amy Adams’ earliest roles was in a straight-to-video flick and a holdover from Leonardo DiCaprio’s time as a teen dream didn’t quite showcase his acting prowess.

Take a look through our gallery to see the widely panned movies from 2014’s contenders — and thank your lucky stars they carved out some serious career gems!

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