What Celebs, Other Than Pharrell, Had the Balls to Wear Shorts to the Oscars?

  • Jared Leto

  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt

  • Michael B. Jordan

  • Ethan Hawke

  • Benedict Cumberbatch

  • Pharrell

Pharrell’s self-described “Gandalf hat” was the most memorable style moment of the Grammys earlier this year. He didn’t rock any headwear at the Oscars tonight, but, in true Pharrell fashion, he hit the red carpet with a look that has everybody talking again. Yes, those are shorts—SHORTS—the superstar artist and producer is wearing with his tuxedo. The crazy part is, they don’t look half bad. In fact, they don’t look bad at all.

Pharrell has a knack for pushing the boundaries with his clothes and making it look easy, but could any other stars pull off a shorts look at the Oscars? We don’t think so, but just to be sure, we’ve imagined actors like Jared Leto, Michael B. Jordan, and many more in shorts with their respective outfits from tonight. The results are…interesting. Continue on to see what we mean.