First Dibs: Did Taylor Swift Make Downton Abbey’s Michelle Dockery Cry?

Who’s joining the cast of season 18 of Dancing With The Stars? What would John Travolta have called Anna Kendrick at the Oscars? And an update on that Oscar pizza guy who never got his big tip.

  • Michelle Dockery might be a bit of an ice queen on Downton Abbey, but she teared up when her godchildren got to go backstage and meet Taylor Swift recently. The other last time she cried? When she dropped a knife on her foot. Not as cute. []
  • ABC announced the Dancing With The Stars season 18 cast this morning. Danica McKellar, NeNe Leakes and Winter Olympians Charlie White and Meryl Davis will be competing for the big prize. [US Magazine]
  • Slate has created a John Travolta-style “Adele Dazeem” name generator and celebrities have posted their results. Anna Kendrick turned into “Anya Keezy,” Jessica Biel became “Jennifer Borfes” and Sarah Michelle Gellar is “Seonaidh Migiller”. [Eonline]
  • Yesterday we reported that the Oscars pizza guy, Edgar Martirosyan, didn’t receive the $300 tip that Ellen DeGeneres collected in Pharrell Williams’s hat. However, DeGeneres did right by Martirosyan by inviting him on Ellen and giving him a whopping $1000 tip! [MTV News]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]