Who’s The Baddest B*tch? Gorgo Of 300 Versus Cersei Of Game Of Thrones

By now, everyone knows Lena Headey for her two onscreen personas: Queen Gorgo of the 300 franchise and Cersei Lannister of HBO’s Game of Thrones. Both are tough female characters that has Headey swinging swords, lashing tongues, and tempting men but ultimately one is the badder bitch.

On one hand you have Cersei Lannister. Headey’s character on HBO’s Game of Thrones is the former queen of King’s Landing. She’s ruthless, ill-tempered, full of pride and lives on a diet of wine and bitter contempt for those less fortunate than her. Then there’s Gorgo from 300. The queen of Sparta, now a widow, is a fierce leader with little regard for the city-states in Greece. Her main focus is maintaining the spirit of her former king and husband, Xerxes.

Ahead of the premiere of 300: Rise of an Empire, we ask Headey to pick who is tougher, sexier and would win in a fight.

Clearly Headey thinks Cersei is the badder bitch and, quite frankly, we agree.

[Photos: Getty/HBO/Warner Bros]