Last Lap: Is Jared Leto Hating On Jennifer Lawrence?

Who’s been wowing us on red carpets? Lindsay Lohan makes our dreams come true, and the bloopers from Anchorman 2 might be even funnier than the movie.

  • Jennifer Lawrence has tripped during two Oscar appearances and apparently someone believes she’s just doing it for attention. Jared Leto said, perhaps jokingly, that he thinks J. Law’s spills are “a bit of an act.” Hey, maybe he should try walking in heels and a dress and see how he fares. Oh wait, that’s how he won his Oscar — maybe he’s an authority on the subject after all! [ABC News]
  • Who are some of the beautiful faces we’ve seen gracing red carpets this year? The Gossip Table crew lets you know who totally rocked it during award season.
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  • Lindsay Lohan is all about comebacks, and it’s possible efforts to earnestly relaunch her career could include a Mean Girls reunion. We still don’t totally have word on how it will all go down — we’re just happy it’s happening! [TMZ]
  • If you thought Anchorman 2 was hilarious, you’re probably thinking some pretty hilarious scenes got left on the cutting room floor. Check out an exclusive (but NSFW) clip from the film’s blooper reel. [MTV News]

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