Funny Or Die Pits President Barack Obama Against Zach Galifianakis

Despite everything President Barack Obama has on his plate, he managed to squeeze in some face time with Zach Galifianakis for Funny Or Die’s web series, Between Two Ferns. The leader of the free world used his appearance on the show to plug the Affordable Care Act, but things quickly went awry. Let’s just say, if you think you’ve seen some tense interviews featuring the prez, you haven’t seen anything yet.

Ok, let’s be real, it looks like the sit-down was all in good fun, but Barack totally played the part of the pissed off president quite well. Zach generally held it down as the passive-aggressive host who can’t help but annoy his subjects. Between questions about trips to North Korea by “Ambassador Rodman” and a potential presidential library in Kenya, viewers would be hard-pressed to not laugh out loud.

Watch the clip above, prepare for some cringeworthy moments, and imagine how this interview would’ve gone if Mitt Romney had actually won in 2012.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]