The Truth Is Out There: Which TV Shows Have Spawned Conspiracy Theories?

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We’re not exactly sure why conspiracy theories tend to have such a hold on pop culture. Come on, one of TV’s most successful series ever, The X-Files, was pretty much built on the premise that there’s probably an underlying truth beneath the surface. And with the internet giving TV fans everywhere a sounding board, it’s undeniably entertaining to see the speculative beliefs viewers have about some of our most beloved series.

With everything from possible drug runs to untimely deaths of crucial characters, our minds apparently run wild when we try to peer behind the veil of seemingly idyllic TV premises. Even drama series are targeted, with fans willing to mine the darkest reaches of their imaginations to put new spins on hit shows. From Reddit to the farthest reaches of the internet, some of these theories have managed to get enough traction to gain followers.

Hop into our gallery to see which series have led fans to some pretty odd, yet hilarious hypotheses.

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