Bad Sports! Stars Who Married and Divorced Pro Athletes

  • Marilyn-Monroe-&-Joe-Dimaggio

  • Halle-and-David-Justice

  • Tatum-ONeal-and-John-McEnroe

  • Carmen-Electric-and-Dennis-Rodman

  • Robin-Givens-and-Mike-Tyson

  • Brooke-Shields-and-Andre-Agassi

  • Kris-Humphries-and-Kim-Kardashian-

  • Rick-Fox-and-Vanessa-Williams

  • Tony-Parker-and-Eva-Longoria-

  • Hilary-Duff-and-Mike-Comrie-

It’s really no surprise that celebs and athletes are so drawn to each other. They’re both larger than life, usually wealthy, have rabid fans, live public lives and, more often than not, are raging narcissists. Also, there’s the looks thing. Celebrity women are usually drop dead gorgeous (think Halle and Kim), while male sports stars are generally strapping, muscle bound hotties (i.e., Andre Agassi and Rick Fox). They look great together. Here’s the thing, though—it takes a lot more than being paparazzi-perfect to make a lasting marriage.

Thus, a large percentage of celeb/athlete unions end in disaster. Whether it’s a result of insane drug abuse, like wild child couple John McEnroe and Tatum O’Neal, or truly epic infidelity, like Tony Parker and Eva Longoria, most sports/starlet marriages never have a chance. Here, check out the most ten most salacious divorces, ever!