Last Lap: Who’s Giving Props To Jennifer Aniston?

Which super healthy actress was spotted letting her kids scarf down hot dogs? Hollywood meets starlet “Emma Lawrence,” and J.K. Rowling throws Harry Potter fans a bone.

  • Jennifer Aniston was recently criticized about the fact that she isn’t married and doesn’t have kids, but the actress has defended her lifestyle. And it sounds like she has an ally in legendary feminist Gloria Steinem. That much girl power could change the world! [People]
  • A major Hollywood actress known for her vegan recipes was seen in Los Angeles letting her kids have hot dogs on Venice Beach. Who was it? The Gossip Table gives us the scoop.
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  • Someone, clearly a Photoshop genius, mashed up the facial features of Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Watson, birthing the gorgeous “Emma Lawrence.” Maybe Emma should hook up with one of J. Law’s brothers! [E!]
  • And now that we’ve tapped into your Harry Potter memories, J.K. Rowling has posted an extensive document on the History Of The Quidditch World Cup. Yeah, you know you want it. [MTV News]

[Photo Credit: Splash News]