Reasons To Love Kate Upton Besides Her Amazing Boobs

Kate Upton’s boobs are uber-fetishized. We get it; they’re massive, and lush, and flawlessly shaped, and perky. They deserved to be studied at the Smithsonian Institute. In fact, her voluptuous figure (and perfect face, let’s be honest) has afforded her one of the most impressive runs one can get in modeling.

The 21-year-old has been the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue cover model for three years in a row, and last week, Express announced that Kate is their new brand ambassador. Her sexy image is so over-the-top, that it’s even gotten her into a little legal trouble—Sports Illustrated is currently suing joke site, Celeb Jihad, for posting a “nude” outtake from her 2014 Swimsuit Issue 2014 shoot, which is actually a badly Photoshopped fake.

It seems that Kate’s breasts are so larger than life, they can sometimes dwarf the women they’re attached to!

No fair. Kate Upton’s one of our hugest celeb crushes, and her rack has nothing to do with it. She’s charitable, she’s sporty, she dances her ass off, and we love every second. Check out the top 10 reasons we’d love Kate Upton, even if she wore an A-cup!

Kate’s Sports Illustrated Swimsuit pals give us a selfie tutorial.

[Photo Credit: @chrissyteigen]