First Dibs: Is Natural Beauty Miranda Kerr Rocking Fake Boobs?

Did Kate Winslet pump breast milk during the earthquake? Why does Angelina Jolie hate yoga? Who is providing Tris’s “inner voice” in Divergent?

  • People are buzzing that Miranda Kerr might have gotten a boob job following her divorce from Orlando Bloom. Kerr showed up at an Oscar after party recently looking at least two cup sizes bigger even though there was no sign that she had gained weight. [RadarOnline]
  • New mom Kate Winslet was pumping breast milk during the earthquake that struck Los Angeles yesterday. She visited Ellen and explained that she ran into a doorframe with a friend all while continuing to bump. [Eonline]
  • Movie magic might have made Maleficent fly in the new trailer for the Angelina Jolie film, but Jolie herself had to slow down in order to get the inner core strength to pull the flying scenes off. Jolie was forced to practice yoga, which she hates because she’s not “a still person.” [USA Today]
  • Divergent debuts in theaters this weekend and fans will get their first look at Tris on the big screen and their first listen to Ellie Goulding as Tris’s “inner voice.” Music takes center stage in the film and Goulding makes the biggest contribution to the soundtrack. [MTV News]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]