First Dibs: Who Made Emma Stone Burst Into Tears?

Is Anna Kendrick poised to make her Saturday Night Live debut? Is Johnny Weir getting a divorce? And what was the best kiss in MTV Movie Awards history?

  • Emma Stone burst into tears during the press tour for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 because Mel B from the Spice Girls asked her a question via video. Stone called herself the Spice Girls’s “biggest fan” and performed Mel B’s rap solo from “Wannabe.” [Huffington Post]
  • Saturday Night Live won’t return until next weekend, but then there’s going to be three hilarious hosts in a row. Genius comedian Louis CK is returning to the show on March 29, Anna Kendrick will make her hosting debut on April 5 and funny guy Seth Rogen will host on April 12. []
  • Former Olympic figure skater and current commentator Johnny Weir is splitting up with his husband, Victor Voronov. The two were in court earlier this month because of domestic violence charges that have since been dismissed. [People]
  • The 2014 MTV Movie Awards are just around the corner, so why not look back at the show’s best moments? In 2005, Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams re-enacted their kiss from The Notebook and it’s undoubtedly the best kiss in MTV Movie Awards history. [MTV News]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]