Louis C.K. May Have Hated On Bradley Cooper, But The Hangover Star Has The Last Laugh

We know that comedian Louis C.K. suffered some setbacks as he steered through the gauntlet of show business on his way to stardom. Even though he eventually rose to the top, he doesn’t think that many young hopefuls will have the same success, especially if they think chance encounters will yield their big breaks. However, one actor has managed to defy the Louie star’s logic — the unbelievably gorgeous Bradley Cooper.

In a hilarious mashup video, Louis remarks during an interview that the aspiring actors on Inside The Actors’ Studio aren’t going to get advice from stars like, say, Sean Penn, that will eventually lead to stellar careers. But Bradley did just that, asking Sean about his craft during an episode of the show from back in the day. Guess the joke’s on the comedian in this case!

And to add insult to injury, Louis and Bradley both ended up with roles in American Hustle, with the Pennsylvania native chiding the redheaded funnyman in an awesome scene. It’s easy to see who won that battle!

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]