What’s Shaking Fellas? Can You Guess Which Hot Celebs Have These Salt + Pepper Beards?

Beards are officially back in style! It used to be that only a freshly shaven man could catch our eye, but these days facial hair is officially on trend. Let’s welcome the whiskers back by seeing how well we know our favorite celebrities’ beards. However, there’s a twist: we only want to you guess which celebs are sporting salt and pepper beards.

There’s no doubt that we have nothing but love and respect for a mature Hollywood hottie. After all, we are over the moon for celebrity silver foxes. So, why not spread that love to the stars with salt and pepper beards? See if you can correctly guess which beard belongs to which star.

This American actor moonlights as an Avenger.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]

It’s Mark Ruffalo!

This Hollywood silver fox was recently spotted with a new girlfriend.

It’s George Clooney!

This British hottie has a side gig as a DJ.

It’s Idris Elba!

This salt and pepper beard belongs to a critically acclaimed director.

It’s Spike Lee!

This Hollywood heartthrob was just arrested for DUI.

It’s Chris Pine!

This funnyman appeared in 21 Jump Street.

It’s Nick Offerman!

This actor will soon be appearing in a Biblical epic.

It’s Russell Crowe!

This celebrity has two Academy Awards.

It’s Ben Affleck!

This hottie used to steam up True Blood.

It’s Joe Manganiello!

This actor has two children named Leo and Luna.

It’s Javier Bardem!

How did you do? Also, let us know what you think we should do for our next guessing game in the comments below. After all, variety is the spice of life.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]