Imagining Today’s Shia LaBeouf In His Most Beloved Roles From The Past

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Shia LaBeouf is not the child star he used to be. He’s 27 years old now. He’s starring in the sexually explicit Lars von Trier film, Nymphomaniac, which hits theaters today. Most notably, his recent bouts of eccentric behavior have placed him at the center of a near-constant controversy for the past several months. To tell the truth, we think all of it’s kind of awesome—bar fights, an ultra-meta #IAMSORRY exhibit, an I AM NOT FAMOUS ANYMORE paper bag over his head on the red carpet. This has to be performance art, and if not, we can’t blame a rich, successful guy who’s been working in Hollywood since he was a kid for getting a little weird at some point.

Our main takeaway from this entire ordeal, though, are those clothes. Shia’s been on a heavy homeless chic wave, and we couldn’t help but imagine how odd his new appearance would look in his old films…so we went ahead and combined the two. Check out the gallery above to see how we’re Imagining Today’s Shia LaBeouf In His Most Beloved Roles From The Past and watch the video below to see what his co-star Christian Slater had to say about working with the young actor on the set of Nymphomaniac.

Christian Slater on Working With Shia LaBeouf