You’ll Never Guess Who Experienced Filmmaker Ray J Has Convinced To Make Her First Sex Tape

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After tempting the beast that is Kanye West with his video “I Hit It First,” Ray J is returning to what he knows best: sex tapes. So who is the lucky lady whose nether regions will soon become well-known to strangers in Idaho?

Joan Rivers! Yes, that Joan Rivers.

The unexpected duo moan and groan together in a spoof of Ray J’s infamous film with ex-girlfriend Kim Kardashian for Joan’s WE tv series Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best? A new season premieres on March 29 and Joan has heard her E! bosses talk enough to know emuluating those kooky Kardashians is the best way to success. The rapper/actor seems to have zero issues with revisiting the incident, making fun of his most famous accomplishment to date by referencing the notorious sex tape that made Kim and her family a part of our everyday lives. (We still haven’t forgiven you for that, Ray.) Kim has been spoofed many times before, as recently as last fall when Seth Rogen and James Franco played out their own topless motorcycle ride a la the “Bound 2” video. But does this cross the line?

Who do you want to see Joan in bed with next? According to TMZ, Steven Hirsch, a boss at the pornography production company Vivid Entertainment, discussed the possibility of a sex tape with Rivers, to the sound of a $100,000 pay day. So please adjust your expectations or seek counseling accordingly.