What Happened? Child Stars We Thought Would be Hot Adults!

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  • Lark-Voorhies

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  • Leif-Garrett

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  • Tevin-Campbell

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Let’s be honest, puberty isn’t kind to any of us. Weird things happen to chins, hair gets fuzzy, voices get squeaky and deepen (especially awkward if you’re a girl). But it’s normal! As non-celebrity civilians, we learn to develop stellar personalities to distract from the acne and move on with our lives. Not so easy for child stars. For kids and teens whose careers depend on their adorability factor — who can support their entire family for a year with their dimples — losing their cutie-pie good looks can be disastrous. Look at The Brady Bunch’s Susan Olsen. As Cindy Brady, the lisping daughter with the boing-boing blonde curls, she was a star. But sadly, she grew up to look like a tough-but-lovable bartender in a biker-themed pub in San Fran. Or Tevin Campbell, who was prom-date-perfect as a tween/teen R&B hottie. Now, he’s more “creepy evangelical minister” than pinup.

Whether it’s substance abuse issues (Eddie Furlong), awkward styling (Lark Voorhies), or both (Leif Garrett), these ten celebs look totally different than they did as child stars. Check out how much these formerly cute A-listers have changed!

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