Most Iconic Movie One-Liners…That Were Ad-Libbed!

  • Wedding-Crashers

    [Photo: New Line Cinema]

  • When-Harry-Met-Sally-COmp

    [Photo: Castle Rock Entertainment]

  • Pretty-Woman

    [Photo: Touchstone Pictures]

  • Midnight-Cowboy-

    [Photo: United Artists]

  • Dumb-and-Dumber-7

    [Photo: New Line Cinema]

  • 40-Year-Old-Virgin

    [Photo: Universal Studios]

  • The-Hangover-

    [Photo: Warner Bros. Entertainment and Legendary Pictures]

  • Taxi-Driver-’You-talkin’-to-me-’-2

    [Photo: Columbia Pictures]

  • Ferris-Buellers-

    [Photo: Paramount Pictures]

  • Pirates-of-the-Caribbean

    [Photo: Walt Disney Pictures]

  • The-Shining-’Here’s-Johnny!’-7

    [Photo: Warner Bros. Entertainment]

  • Jaws-4

    [Photo: Universal Studios]

  • The-Terminator-’I’ll-be-back.’-1

    [Photo: Orion Pictures]

“There’s no place like”…wait. What was the line again? Believe it or not, some of our all-time favorite movie quotes captured on set were off-the-cuff. The beauty of the big screen is that actors can flip the script (literally), and create catchphrases that live on for years after the box office heat cools.

From Meg Ryan faking diner orgasms, to young Robert De Niro getting heated with a gun (yeah, I’m talkin’ to you!), to an eyeliner-wearing Johnny Depp talking a whole lot of smack on the high seas — we’re taking you through the greatest moments of ad-libbed movie magic. Sit back, grab that popcorn and remember these ah-mazing quotes, that were unscripted, yet totally brilliant.


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