Last Lap: Is Bradley Cooper Taking Over A Classic Film Franchise?

Would Anne Hathaway ever put on that Catwoman suit again? One Hollywood actress could be tapped to play a porn star, and Miranda Kerr gets naked.

  • Now that Bradley Cooper is a bona fide movie star, could he possibly be the next Indiana Jones? Apparently, his name is being floated about to helm the franchise, making us speculate whether he can really be a believable version of the hot professor. [The Superficial]
  • The Duke University student who doubles as a porn star would love to have a biopic about her life, and has requested a certain actress to play her. The Gossip Table panelists tell us who might get that lead role!
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  • Miranda Kerr has posted a nude picture of herself on Instagram. The model’s naughty bits are covered up, but how long do we think it’ll be before we get a full view of her goods online? [E!]
  • With talk of the next Batman movie still circulating around Hollywood, fans are wondering if Anne Hathaway will become Catwoman once more. Is she down to suit up again? [MTV News]

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