What A Steal: When Celebrities Get Robbed

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Khloe Kardashian and Lamar Odom’s relationship is over, but they’re still tied together by one unfortunate circumstance: robbery. At the beginning of March, the couple cleared out the home they once shared. After the process was complete, Khloe discovered that tons of valuable items were missing, but the plot thickens.

It was jewelry that was missing, to be exact. $250,000 WORTH OF JEWELRY. The Kardashians might be rich, but anybody will notice a dent in their belongings that substantial. Khloe and Lamar aren’t the first famous people to be victims of this kind of crime, either. As recently as this week, burglaries involving high-profile figures have made headlines. Read on for a look at When Celebrities Get Robbed, and put your most prized possessions in the safe.