Last Lap: Who’s Rejecting Lena Dunham?

Which 30 Rock star had an epic run-in with a fan? Is someone trying to steal Kim Kardashian’s man? And can Noah take down its box office competition?

  • The University of Iowa isn’t letting Lena Dunham film part of Girls on its campus, despite a major shoutout to the Iowa Writers Workshop in the show’s recent season finale. Does this mean we won’t get to see Hannah Horvath strip down in a cornfield? [The A.V. Club]
  • Even though 30 Rock has left NBC, it’s still alive and well in one fan’s heart! The Gossip Table panelists tell us which of the show’s stars had a fan encounter.
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  • Roseanne Barr posted a suggestive pic of herself on Instagram — and she actually included Kanye West’s name in the caption. Uh, your move, Kim Kardashian! [Huffington Post]
  • Will moviegoers flood theaters to see the biblical epic, Noah? Film critics may shed some light on whether the flick is worth your cash [MTV News]

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