Winners and Losers of 2014’s First Quarter of Pop Culture

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2014 is flying by. It might feel like you were just singing “Auld Lang Syne” and scouring the room for a midnight kiss, but three long months have already passed. We’re officially one quarter deep into the year. Before you know it, you’ll be going back for leftovers at Thanksgiving dinner and tweeting about how you’re going to own 2015 on New Year’s Eve. We’re not letting all of this time slip by without taking note, though.

90 days into the year and 2014 has already been particularly juicy as far as pop culture goes. Some stars have prospered during this period, and others have fumbled. We’re wholly entertained either way, but there’s no denying that a celebrity’s stock can dramatically climb or crash in a matter of months. Click the gallery above for a look at 10 famous folks who fall on both sides of the spectrum. These are the Winners and Losers of 2014’s First Quarter of Pop Culture.