How NYC Has Changed Since Phil Jackson Was Last Here

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The New York Knicks don’t look so good this NBA season but everyone in the city is holding onto hope that they can turn things around next year, and now, they certainly have reason to. Last month, Phil Jackson was appointed President of the basketball organization. That’s right, PHIL JACKSON. The legend. The icon. The guy who won 11 championship rings in his time coaching superstars like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Shaquille O’Neal, and two as a player himself…for the Knicks. But things have changed in the 36 years since Jackson was last associated with the team, and we’re not even talking about sports.

Phil Jackson last played for the Knicks in 1978, and New York City was a completely different place. Costs were different, the skyline was different, culture was different. Click the gallery for a quick look at a few ways the city has changed since the last time Jackson was down with the Knicks. The team’s new president might have to make some adjustments upon his return.