VH1 Celebrity Kicks Off 2nd Anniversary With “Celebrate Celebrity” Month!

Happy birthday, VH1 Celebrity! Our pop culture-obsessed site just entered the terrible twos! We’re celebrating in a big way by recapping the biggest, most shocking, most ridiculous news about the rich and (in)famous each week. Look out for posts branded with the Celebrate Celebrity logo and join the party. Expect the headlines to be over-the-top all month long, because what’s the fun if you can’t exaggerate? After all, that’s why we love these celebs—they know how take a story and push it to the max.

Whether it’s their lavish lifestyles or outrageous outfits, look out for an onslaught of VH1 Celebrity features that make fun of, examine, and dissect modern celebrity culture right to its very core. It all kicks off with 100 Celebrity Scandals That Rocked The Pop Culture Universe in just a few. Watch our video on the topic below to get yourself prepared. It’s time to Celebrate Celebrity!

The Greatest Celebrity Scandals