The Scandal Battle Between Fitz And Jake Will Come Down To Shirtlessness

On Scandal, Kerry Washington’s Olivia Pope has a lot of decisions to make: What’s the best strategy to keep the Grant family in the White House? How can she keep Pope & Associates afloat when D.C. is becoming increasingly full of backstabbing crazies? Merlot or Pinot Noir?!

While these are all crucial to keeping Washington, and The Republic, running smoothly, nothing weighs on the viewers more than Olivia’s love life. For three seasons and a handful of flashbacks, Olivia’s heart has been monopolized by an on-again, off-again affair with President Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III (Tony Goldwyn) –save for a short-lived romance with Edison who proved to be much too pure for this world. The main threat against Fitz and his forbidden love being together (while he remains married) is Captain Jake Ballard (Scott Foley). But don’t let the uniform fool you — he comes with his fair share of baggage, too.

Whether or not she’s truly considered “the help” by the powerful people who pay her to fix their problems, Olivia is smart, beautiful and a cheap date. Red wine and popcorn is all she subsists on! So why is she continually stuck between these two schmucks? Oh, right. See below.

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Because there are only three episodes left this season, and creator Shonda Rhimes is known to throw in heart-stopping twists where we least expect them, we must take a stand on the Fitz v. Jake debate for the good of the Republic. Who do you want to play your real boyfriend and who needs to get sent down a hole? Let us know in the comments below.

As always, Scandal spoilers to follow!


Fitz is the former governor of California who comes from a successful political family. He went to all the right schools, and hired all the right people who… eventually needed to rig an election in order to get him into the White House. If he had it his way he’d be in Vermont making jam with his One True Love, so forgive him for not showing passion for the job. Or don’t, because he acts like a petulant child every time he’s forced to do one thing on the Commander In Chief’s to-do list he feels goes against his (invisible) moral code. Jake is a decorated soldier who once had a fake job at the Joint Chief’s of Staffs office and a real job in the super scary yet super powerful B-613, a top secret subdivision of the CIA. Despite a few disagreements with its former boss, Jake has assumed the position of Command and is now literally above the pay grade of his old Navy buddy.
Winner: Jake


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