Is She Even Sweating? Celebs Who Look Almost Too Pretty While Working Out!

  • Gwyneth-Paltrow

  • Alessandra-Ambrosio-

  • Tom-Brady-

  • Stacy-Kiebler-

  • Prince-Harry

  • Heidi-Klum-&-Miranda-Kerr

  • Elizabeth-Banks

  • David-Beckham

  • Shenae-Grimes

  • Taylor-Lautner-

We hold our celebs up to ridiculous images standards. We know this. They’re expected to look magazine-cover flawless at all times — perfect rosy lips, streamlined unibrows, high-fashion outfits, perfectly toned bodies (and that’s just the guys). One of the few times they should get to indulge in letting it all go is when they’re working out. Even the glitziest superstar should get a pass for looking sweaty, harried, nauseous, pained, or exhausted while sprinting through Central Park in a bad windbreaker and a Bjorn Borg sweatband. And judging from the majority of paparazzi shots, most of them look exactly like this.

But there’s a small percentage of celebdom that actually looks gorgeous while exercising. Bouncy blonde ponytails. Rippling muscles. Bright, supermodel smiles. It takes a very sparkly celebrity to look hot while doing cardio (hate them!) — and from Gwyneth Paltrow to Miranda Kerr, these stars definitely make the magic happen. Check out the ten prettiest working-out shots of our favorite A-listers!

[Photos: Getty Images, Splash News]