These Live Action Movies Are Like Your Favorite Cartoon Fairy Tales

  • Aladdin-vs-Notting-Hill

    [Photo Credit: Walt Disney/Universal Pictures]

  • Pocahontas-vs-Silver-Linings-Playbook

    [Photo Credit: Walt Disney/Weinstein Company]

  • Snow-White-vs-My-Best-Friends-Wedding

    [Photo Credit: Walt Disney/TriStar Pictures]

  • Beauty-and-the-Beast-vs-Knocked-Up

    [Photo Credit: Walt Disney/TriStar Pictures]

  • Mulan-vs-Never-Been-Kissed

    [Photo Credit: Walt Disney/20th Century Fox]

  • Cinderella-vs-Pretty-Woman

    [Photo Credit: Walt Disney/ Touchstone Pictures]

  • Sleeping-Beauty-vs-While-You-Were-Sleeping

    [Photo Credit: Walt Disney/Hollywood Pictures]

  • Lady-and-the-Tramp-vs-Somethings-Gotta-Give

    [Photos: Walt Disney/Columbia/Warner Bros. Pictures]

  • The-Little-Mermaid-vs-The-Girl-Next-Door

    [Photos: Walt Disney/20th Century Fox]

Boy meets girl. They get drunk. Girl gets knocked up. Wait… Let’s try this again. Boy meets girl. On tinder. Girl becomes a booty call. NO! In today’s crazy world, there can be countless ways to define “fairy tale.” From the days of Disney princes and princesses (sigh), things have changed just a little bit, due in large part, to our media.

Some of us may have been raised on such movies, and therefore have perfect relationships idealized in our minds. But what’s amazing about new age movies is that many of the characters, like ourselves, are somehow just a little bit cray. And that’s okay! Don’t misunderstand, classic fairy tales will always be near and dear to our hearts, but it is a hell of a good time watching modern spins of these iconic love stories. A hooker and a ruthless business man? A bipolar man and recovering sex addict? What is better than that?!

Safe to say, romance still exists. But in our own way. Right…?


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