Last Lap: Is Tom Cruise Hitting Scientology’s Dating Circuit?

Tina Fey has two celebs that’s she’s falling for, a video hits the web featuring a mid-20s Jon Hamm, and Game Of Thrones’ Gwendoline Christie preps for a new role.

  • According to reports, Tom Cruise is turning to the dating pool within the Church Of Scientology. The actor is apparently seeking out Mad Men’s Elisabeth Moss, in what we hope is a really late April Fools Day joke. [Jezebel]
  • Tina Fey is so lovable, she’s caught in a love triangle! The Gossip Table panelists tell us which two stars are making Tina choose!
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  • We may all be swooning over Jon Hamm now, but we recently got to see a much cheesier side of the Mad Men star. A video surfaced of the actor taking his chances on a mid-`90s dating show, and needless to say, he lost. [Us Magazine]
  • Gwendoline Christie is set for a role in the final Hunger Games flick, a part that isn’t a huge departure from her role on Game Of Thrones. Whatevs, we love to see ladies kick butt either way! [MTV News]

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