Wait, She’s Had How Many Kids? Celebs With Huge Broods and Perfect Bods

  • Sarah-Jessica-Parker-

  • Heidi-Klum-

  • Brooke-Burns

  • Victoria-Beckham

  • Tori-Spelling

  • Rhea-Durham-

  • Denise-Richards-

  • Nicole-Murphy

  • Angelina-Jolie

  • Kris-Jenner-

Let’s just get one thing out on the table. It’s obvious, but worth noting that celebs — whether they’re movie stars, supermodels, Hollywood wives, reality personalities or some combination of the three — are very careful not to do anything that would jeopardize having a perfect body. Plainly speaking, they’re terrified of gaining weight. Cellulite and muffin tops are not on the menu! So, it’s always a surprise to us when we see A-list moms with more than two children. In celeb circles, that’s a downright enormous family — Duggars-enormous. And triple the amount of working-out to get their bodies back in red carpet shape.

From Heidi Klum to Victoria Beckham, check out our countdown of ultra-glam mommies and their boisterous, big families.

[Photos: Getty Images]